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Activity Transformations

What is an activity transformation?

An activity transformation is the SQL query that transforms your source data to define your activity. The activity transformation must meet two requirements:

  • Each record corresponds to a customer completing the activity
  • It follows a defined structure (11 columns) so that it is compatible with, and can be added to, the Activity Stream

Narrator uses the activity transformation to add activities to the Activity Stream. The activity transformation becomes the definition that will be used to define a customer concept (activity) across your company. Once you create a transformation, everyone at your company will be able to use the same shared definition for this activity.


How To: Create an Activity Transformation

Watch this step-by-step tutorial to add your first activity transformation

Columns in an Activity Transformation

The SQL query transforms the source data to generate the following 11 columns:




Unique ID for the activity record


Timestamp in UTC for when the activity occurred


(for identity resolution) Name of the source system that generated the anonymous customer id (source_id) if applicable (ex. 'segment')


(for identity resolution) The anonymous customer id that is generated by the source system of this activity


Unique identifier for the customer that is used to identify them across all company touchpoints (typically an email address)


Name of the activity (ex. 'completed_order')


Activity specific feature 1


Activity specific feature 2


Activity specific feature 3


Revenue or cost associated with the activity


URL link associated with the activity (ex. link to the Shopify Order)


Explore the transformation library for examples by data source.


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Watch this step-by-step tutorial to create your first activity transformation

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