Build a Customer 360

Your Customer 360 represents all of your customer's behaviors in time.

To get started you'll set up your activities and add customer and enrichment tables.

Design your Customer 360

Narrator uses an activity schema data model for the Customer 360. Plan these data model design decisions before getting started.

Build your Customer 360

Create your customer 360 by adding activities to your activity stream.

  • Create an Activity
    Activities are the core building blocks of your data system. Learn how to add an activity in Narrator.

  • Create a Customer Table
    A customer table holds all details about your customer's attributes.

  • Create a Spend Table (Optional)
    A spend table maintains all of the details about your company's marketing spend, campaign details, and utm parameters.

  • Create Enrichment Tables (Optional)
    Enrichment tables allow you to add additional columns onto activities.

Monitor the Processing

Control the data processing and monitor the updates

  • Manage Processing
    Control all the tasks that update the data in your data system (Activity Steam, customer table, enrichment tables, materialized views, and narratives).

  • Resync a Transformation (Optional)
    Remove and reprocess the data from any transformation in your activity stream.


Next Steps: Use your Data System

Now that you've set up your customer 360, anyone can use it to build datasets, generate analyses, and set up data pipelines.

  • Calculate Metrics and Explore Data
  • Generate Analyses to Answer Any Question
  • Set up Data Pipelines

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