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Set Up Your Data System


New to Narrator?

Start with the Day One Tutorial to learn the basics of Narrator before fully setting up your data system.

Ready to fully set up your data system in Narrator?

You'll want to set up your activities, add customer and enrichment tables, start building and materializing datasets. Here's a checklist to get you started.



  • Datasets Tutorials
    Learn how to build datasets in Narrator using activities.

  • Set up Integrations
    Materialize a dataset to your warehouse, set up a webhook, or sync your data to a google sheet for use in reporting, analysis, or data science projects.

Additional Resources

  • Use Cases
    Learn how companies using Narrator to power their recommendation systems, reporting pipeline, analytics teams, and more.

  • Data Processing
    Control the processing configuration for your data.

  • Learn About Identity Resolution
    Identity resolution is the key to ensuring that you can tie data across different systems. Understand how identity resolution works and how you can capture and define data to improve coverage.

Still have questions?

Our data team is here to help! Here are a couple ways to get in touch...

šŸ’¬ Chat us from within Narrator

šŸ’Œ Email us at [email protected]

šŸ—“ Or schedule a 15 minute meeting with our data team

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Set Up Your Data System

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