Dataset Metric

Adding Metrics to Narratives

Use the Dataset metric content type to add large, single metrics to your narrative.
This can be a great way to add a number to your narrative for easy access and skimming by readers.


Adding dataset metrics

From the edit view of any narrative, you can add a plot by selecting the Raw metric content type in the content dropdown.


This will open up an input section for you to specify the metric.


Raw metric inputs


Input TypeDescription
HeaderInclude a header for your metric
TitleControl the title right below the header
ValueSpecify the value of the number you want to show in your dataset metric. To make this number dynamic, use a field.
DescriptionSpecify a description for your metric
Dataset + GroupSelect the Dataset and Group from which your dataset was defined. This will create a link to the underlying dataset so that your reader can easily refer to the source data and definition.

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