Activity Data Validation


Generates metrics for the user to perform data validation on any selected activity.

Questions Answered:

  • Does the data output of your newly-created activity make sense?
  • What does volume of your selected activity look like over time?
  • How many monthly unique customers who perform your selected activity?
  • Who are your top 10 customers by volume?
  • How much revenue has been generated from your selected activity over time?
  • What has been the average, median, minimum and maximum revenue generated from your activity in the past 12 months?
  • How has average and median revenue from your selected activity changed over time?
  • What are the most popular values in a selected feature of your activity?
  • Are most occurrences of your activity first-time or repeat occurrences?
  • How has the number of first-time vs repeat occurrences changed over time?
  • How long do customers typically wait before repeating the activity?

Activities Required:

  • 1 activity you would like to validate

See it in action for yourself here!