The Activity Stream (your Customer 360 table)


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If you're new to Narrator, check out the Dataset Tutorials to learn how activities are used to build datasets and answer questions.

What is it?

The Activity Stream is the single standardized source of truth for your customer behavior data and it is stored as a single table in your data warehouse.

The Activity Stream is a time series table with all of your customers' activities. As customers engage with your company (purchase products, call support, churn, visit the website), more activities are added to the Activity Stream. You can think of the Activity Stream as a timeline of all interactions that all customers have had with your company.

The single table: activity_stream

Each row represents an instance of an action (activity) that your customer has taken, with some details about that action.

How it's used:

You can reassemble the Activity Stream to create any dataset you need. Narrator provides dataset tools to help generate those tables and export/schedule them so they can be stored and updated in your warehouse.

Adding activities to the Activity Stream

Activities are added to the Activity Stream with Activity Transformations. Narrator uses the logic you define to transform your source data (into activities) and insert them into the Activity Stream.

Multiple Activity Streams

Narrator supports multiple activity streams so your team can answer questions from different customer perspectives. Lean More

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