Marketing spend, clicks, and impressions from LinedIn

This transformation updates the spend table with marketing data about the LinkedIn ad source.
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Type: Spend Transformation
Table: spend

    CONCAT( CAST(UNIX_SECONDS( AS STRING) , "-" , CAST(c.campaign_id  AS STRING)) AS enriched_activity_id 
    , as enriched_ts
    , as date
    , "linkedin" AS ad_source
    , CAST(NULL AS STRING) AS ad_name
    , AS campaign_name
    , CAST(NULL AS STRING) AS utm_medium
    , CAST(NULL AS STRING) AS utm_source
    , CAST(NULL AS STRING) AS utm_campaign
    , CAST(NULL AS STRING) AS utm_content
    , c.impressions
    , c.clicks
    , c.cost_in_local_currency as spend
FROM linkedin_media.ad_analytics_by_campaign c
  		WHEN LAG(last_modified_time) over (PARTITION by id ORDER BY last_modified_time) is NULL 
  		THEN created_time ELSE last_modified_time END 
  		AS valid_from
  			, COALESCE(LEAD(last_modified_time) over (PARTITION by id ORDER BY last_modified_time), CAST('2100-01-01' AS TIMESTAMP)) 
  AS valid_to
        , *
    FROM linkedin_media.campaign_history   ) h 
    on = c.campaign_id 
    	AND >= h.valid_from 
    	AND <= valid_to

Processing Configuration:

  • Delete Recent Days: 7
    Clicks, impressions, and spend may continue to change up to one week after the ad was shown. Deleting recent days on update will ensure that the final value is captured in your spend table.
    When to use delete recent days


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