Group By / Aggregations

Add a Group By Tab

Add one or more group by tabs to aggregate the data in your parent dataset. You have the option to create a group by from:

  • + Group By tab at the top of your dataset
  • Column Shortcut from the columns of the parent dataset

When a group by is defined, it will aggregate the parent data set according to the columns that you've specified.

Group using the Group By tab


Add a group by using the + Group By tab

Group using the Column Shortcut

Available on the Parent tab of your dataset


Add a group by using the column shortcut

Add Metrics

from within the Group By
Apply an aggregate function to columns in your parent dataset with Metrics. Some metrics will be automatically added to your group by tab, but you can add additional computations using the (+) below "Metric Columns".

Parent Filters

from within the Group By
A parent filter will filter the data in your parent dataset before applying aggregation, without modifying the parent dataset. This can be helpful if you wish to perform the aggregation on the filtered dataset but don't want to filter to impact other Group By tabs.


Add a parent filter from within the Group By

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