Customer Dimension

A customer dimension transformation is the SQL query that defines the customer table.

What is customer in Narrator?

In Narrator, all activities are linked to a customer that represents the person or entity that completed each action. The identifier that you choose to use for your customer will be used for all activities in Narrator. That's why we recommend using something like email_address to uniquely identify your customer across sources.

What is the customer table?

A customer table is a materialized view that maintains all of the details about your customers, like firmographics, demographics, current membership details, etc. This table has a unique record per customer and contains any number of attributes about your customer.

How is it used?

The data stored in the customer table is used in two places within the platform:

  1. Building Datasets

    The customer table can be used to enrich datasets with customer attributes.

  2. Customer Journey

    Access additional details about the customer from the Customer view of Narrator.


How to: Create a Customer Table

Visit the step-by-step tutorial to create a customer table.

Required Columns

The customer table has one required column called customer and any number of associated attribute columns about your customer.

customerThe unique identifier for your customer (ex. email address)
attribute columnsAny number of columns that contain details about your customers. (ex. city, zip, birthday, member_since, etc).

The names should be descriptive of the data they represent (as opposed to the feature_ convention used for activities).

Example Transformations

Explore the transformation library for example transformations that generate customer tables.

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What’s Next

Watch the step-by-step tutorial to create a customer table.