Planning your Activities

Start with a core set of activities for a solid data foundation.

How many activities do I need to get started?

You don't need a lot of activities to get started. We recommend choosing 3 - 6 activities to start. With a small set of activities you can start answering the big questions about your business (LTV, Retention, Customer Acquisition Cost, etc).

Which activities do I need?

Every company will use a different set of activities, but every company can follow the same framework to identify which activities are right for them.

We recommend choosing 1-2 activities that fall into each group (below) to get started.


Adding your first activity?

If you're new to Narrator, check out this tutorial to create a new activity.

Types of Activities

Marketing and Conversion Activities

Key events that relate to your sales/marketing funnel

Ask yourself...

  1. What are people doing when they FIRST interact with our company?

    It's usually a web visit or app download

  2. When do people first become "known" or identified to us? When do they first give us their contact information?

    It's usually when they become a lead or sign up


Revenue Activities

Key events that generate revenue for your company

Ask yourself...

  1. What are customers doing when they generate revenue for our company?


Product Usage Activities

The primary action that a customer takes with your company's product

Ask yourself...

  1. How do your customers use your product?
    These activities will vary greatly on a company by company basis


Churn Activities

When your customers are no longer customers

Ask yourself...

  1. What action does a customer take when they churn?


Looking for more examples?
We've compiled a list of examples by company type.

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What’s Next

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