Stream Configuration

The activity stream configuration controls how the activity stream appears within Narrator and how stream data is stored.

You can control the configuration using the edit icon from the Activities tab.

Configuration Settings of An Activity

The activity panel controls how the activity appears in Narrator and how it relates to other data tables. Use the inputs on this panel to control the following:

  • Display Name: Stream name that appears in portal.
  • Maintained By: User responsible for maintaining the activity stream. They will get email alerts when errors occur.
  • Customer Dimension Table: Link customer attributes to each customer by specifying the table name. Once linked, these dimensions will appear in dataset as additional customer attributes on each activity. You have the option to incorporate these tables as slowly changing customer dimensions.
  • Aggregate Dimension Tables: Link any aggregate dimension tables that can be joined to your activity stream.
  • Default Time Between: Specify how time between metrics should be computed by default in a dataset.
  • Auto-complete: Option to disable indexing on the customer journey to aid in search and performance.
  • Manually Partition Activities Control how the activity stream data is stored in your warehouse.

Activity Details Overview

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