Enrichment Transformations

An enrichment transformation creates an enrichment table.

What is an enrichment table?

An enrichment table is used to add additional features (columns) to any activity. Each activity can have its own enrichment table, and a single enrichment table can be updated by one or many enrichment transformations.


Do you need an enrichment table?

You need enrichment tables much less often than you'd think! Also, enrichment tables can slow down your queries when you need to use them in a dataset so they should be used sparingly.

Learn more about when to use enrichment tables

Columns in an Enrichment Transformation

An enrichment transformation generates a dataset with two required columns (which are used to map to the corresponding activity that it is enriching) and any number of additional columns which are the additional features used for enrichment.

enriched_activity_idactivity_id of the activity (or activities) that the enrichment table will enrich
enriched_tsTimestamp in UTC of the activity (or activities) that the enrichment table will enrich
features columns(optional) These columns are the additional features used to enrich an activity or activities.

The names should be descriptive of the data they represent (as opposed to the generic feature_1, feature_2, feature_3 naming used for activities).


How To: Create an Enrichment Transformation

Watch this step-by-step tutorial to create an enrichment transformation.


Explore the transformation library for examples by data source.


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