Feature Dimension

A feature dimension transformation creates a dimension table, previously called "enrichment table"

What is a Feature Dimension Table?

A feature dimension table is used to add additional features (columns) to any activity, by joining to one of its features. A single feature dimension table can be used to enrich multiple activities with feature details.

Columns in a Feature Dimension Transformation

A feature dim transformation generates a dataset with two required columns (which are used to join to an activity) and any number of additional columns which are the additional dimensions.

idUnique ID used to join to an activity feature
ts(optional) Timestamp in UTC, only used for incremental processing.
features columns(optional) These columns are the additional dimensions used to enrich an activity or activities.

The names should be descriptive of the data they represent and they do not need to use the feature_ convention used for activities.


How To: Create a Feature Dimension Transformation

Watch this step-by-step tutorial to create a feature dimension table transformation.


Explore the transformation library for examples by data source.


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