Invite Users

Adding Users

To invite your teammates to Narrator:

  • Click on your profile avatar to open the settings menu
  • Press the User Access button to invite someone to Narrator
  • Once added, you'll see their name appear in the list of users and they will receive an email to setup access to their account.

Deleting Users

If you wish to remove a user's access to Narrator, you can delete the user by selecting the gear next to their name in the table and pressing Delete User.

Permissions by User Role

Note: Availability of each feature depends on your plan tier

User PermissionMemberAdmin
Create DatasetsXX
Edit My DatasetsXX
View All DatasetsXX
Edit Datasets Created by OthersX
Export Datasets (csv, google sheet)XX
Set up Materialized ViewsX
Create NarrativesXX
Edit My NarrativesXX
View All Live NarrativesXX
Edit Narratives Created by OthersX
Run QueriesX
Run Queries with Admin PrivilegesX
View Data ProcessingXX
Manually Run Processing TasksX
Update Data Processing ScheduleX
Edit Company SettingsX
Edit TransformationsX
Edit ActivitiesX
Edit Warehouse ConnectionX
Add / Delete UsersX