What is a Narrative?

Narratives are actionable analyses shared in a story-like format. They support dynamic logic so that text and recommendations can change as the data changes and the analysis can be re-run on an automatic schedule.

Narrative Overview

What's in this video?

  • 0:15 What are Narratives
  • 0:27 Share Plots Alongside Context/Interpretation
  • 0:42 Display Goals + Takeaways
  • 1:01 Add Annotations to Plots
  • 1:09 Create Interactive Calculators
  • 1:22 View Narrative Snapshots in Time
  • 1:32 Trace Insights Back to the Source Dataset
  • 1:50 Editing of Narratives
  • 2:30 Central Repository of Analyses


  • Clear goal and takeaways guide business action
  • Snapshot your analysis in time so you can always reference historical numbers
  • Build context into each analysis so your teams don't have to guess what each plot means
  • Technical reviews are easy because you can always click into the source dataset

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