Azure / Synapse / Microsoft SQL Server



Support for this is warehouse is currently in Beta. Please open a chat or email us with any questions or issues.

Designed for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database, with experimental support for Azure Synapse.

Choose a connection method

Option 1: Connect directly

Narrator connects directly to your database. To connect directly, make sure you've allowed access to Narrator's Static IPs for your database's region.

Option 2: Connect using SSH

Narrator connects to a separate server in your network that provides an SSH tunnel to your database.

Please reach out so [email protected] to connect through SSH.

Enable Access

  1. Log into Azure Console

  2. Select SQL databases

  3. Click on the SQL database that you want to connect to Narrator

  4. On the database overview page, find the server name and make a note of it. You will need it to set up Narrator.

  5. Open Set server Firewall tab and on the Firewall settings page, add a new firewall rule with a memorable name (for example, Fivetran). What you enter in the IP fields depends on whether you're connecting directly or using an SSH tunnel.

  6. If you're connecting directly, enter Narrator's Static IPs for your database's region.
    If you're connecting using an SSH tunnel, reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

  7. Click Save

Create User

  1. Open a connection to your Azure SQL database.

  2. Add a container database user for Narrator by running the following command. Replace with the name of your database, with the username of your choice, and with a password of your choice:

    USE [<database>];
    CREATE USER <username> WITH PASSWORD = '<password>'; 

Grant User Permissions

Once you've created the Narrator user, grant it permissions:

  1. Grant select permissions for the database, schemas, tables, or specific columns.

    GRANT SELECT on DATABASE::[<database>] to [<username>];
  2. Allow the Narrator user to create schemas and tables

    ALTER db_ddladmin ADD MEMBER [<username>];
  3. Allow the Narrator user to insert data into tables

    ALTER db_datawriter ADD MEMBER [<username>];
  4. Allow Narrator to read from all tables

    ALTER db_datareaders ADD MEMBER [<username>];
  5. Allow Narrator to cancel queries

    ALTER SERVER ROLE  ##MS_ProcessAdmin## ADD MEMBER [<username>];

Need Help?

Our data team is here to help! Here are a couple ways to get in touch...

πŸ’¬ Chat us from within Narrator

πŸ’Œ Email us at [email protected]

πŸ—“ Or schedule a 30-min meeting with our data team