Create an Enrichment Table

Read the full docs about Enrichment Transformations

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Watch this step by step tutorial to create an enrichment table

What's in this video?

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:14 Create a New Transformation
    • 1:30 Select Enrichment as the Transformation Type
    • 1:45 Set the Table Name
    • 2:08 Define the SQL Query
    • 5:09 Save, Validate, and Push to Production
  • 5:31 Monitor the Processing
  • 5:54 Link the Enrichment Table to the Activities it Enriches*
  • 8:00 Use Enrichment Columns in a Dataset

*Note: Since this video was recorded, we've improved the process. You can now link the enrichment table to the activities it enriches directly from the main transformation edit page. Learn more


Don't start from scratch

See an example enrichment transformation to get some inspiration!

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