Adding your first transformation?

If you're new to Narrator, check out this tutorial to create a new activity by adding a transformation.

What is a transformation?

A transformation is a SQL query that converts the source data into a standardized format that can be used in Narrator

Transformation Types:

  1. Activity Transformations define activities so they can be added to the activity stream
  2. Dimension Transformations create dimension tables that can be joined to the activity stream to enrich activities with additional details such as customer attributes, additional features, etc.
    1. Customer Dimension creates a customer table to store attributes about the customer. The resulting table it joined to the activity stream using the customer value.
    2. Feature Dimension creates a dimension table to store additional details related to an activity or other common concept. The resulting table is joined to the activity stream using the activity feature value specified in its configuration.
    3. Aggregate Dimension creates a special type of feature dimension table that is joined to the activity stream using feature values specified by the user during dataset assembly. And any metrics stored in this table are aggregated to the level of detail of the selected feature before the join is performed. It is commonly used to track marketing spend because impressions, clicks, and spend cannot be tied to a customer or customer action. Instead these metrics are associated with campaign details (utm_source, utm_campaign, ad_set, etc).

The processing for each transformation can be managed in the Processing Config.

Transformation Overview

What's in the Transformations tab of Narrator? Check out this video...

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