Multiple Activity Streams

Narrator supports multiple activity streams so your team can answer questions from different customer perspectives.

When to add another activity stream

Often, teams will want to be able to ask and answer questions from different perspectives. For example, they may want to understand how long inventory is in the warehouse before it is shipped to a store. Those types of questions require us to shift our perspective to the product or inventory instead of the typical person/customer. In these cases, it will make sense to

Signs you need another activity stream

  1. You are adding the same ID to all of your activities as one of the feature columns (ie. Company ID)
  2. The activity you are trying to understand is not tied to a person (or your primary customer)

Common Examples

  • B2B: Company Stream & Person Stream To understand we're selling to ("companies") but also individual user behavior ("people").
  • eCommerce: Inventory Stream & Person Stream To understand important operational inventory questions before the product is sold to the person.
  • Real Estate: Property Stream and User Stream To understand questions like "how many times was the property viewed?" "how long was it on the market?" "how many offers did it receive?" All of these questions require us to take the perspective of the property.
  • Ride Share: Car Stream and User Stream To understand details about the car itself, maintenance required, etc. For example: "How many rides does a car take before it needs maintenance?" "How many miles does the car go before it needs gas?" "What is the average rating for this car?"

Adding Another Activity Stream

1. Add an Activity Transformation with a new Table

When adding a new transformation, add a new Table in the dropdown.


2. Create a new customer table

Create a customer transformation and add a new value for the table


3. Label the new customer value

Assign the new customer label from the Company Settings page


4. Select the appropriate activity stream before creating a dataset

Once you have more than one activity stream, you'll be prompted to select the data source you need each time you create a new dataset.


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