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Marketing spend, clicks, and impressions from Pinterest

This transformation updates the spend table with marketing data about the Pinterest ad source.
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Type: Spend Transformation
Table: spend

     md5(extract('epoch' from  || p.pin_promotion_id ||p.campaign_id || p.ad_group_id || p.spend_in_micro_dollar) as enriched_activity_id
     ,  as enriched_ts
     , 'pinterest' as ad_source
     , as ad_name
     , as campaign_name
     , nullif ( substring ( regexp_substr ( ph.destination_url , 'utm_source=[^&]*' ) , 12 ) , '' ) AS "utm_source"
     , nullif ( substring ( regexp_substr ( ph.destination_url , 'utm_medium=[^&]*' ) , 12 ) , '' ) AS "utm_medium"
     , nullif ( substring ( regexp_substr ( ph.destination_url , 'utm_campaign=[^&]*' ) , 14 ) , '' ) AS "utm_campaign"
     , nullif ( substring ( regexp_substr ( ph.destination_url , 'utm_content=[^&]*' ) , 13 ) , '' ) AS "utm_content"
     , NVL(p.impression_2,0) + NVL(p.impression_1, 0) as impressions
     , NVL(clickthrough_1) + NVL(clickthrough_2,0) as clicks
     , spend_in_micro_dollar/1000000.0  as spend    

FROM pinterest_ads.pin_promotion_report p 
LEFT join pinterest_ads.pin_promotion_history_view ph 
    on ( = p.pin_promotion_id and between ph.valid_from and ph.valid_to)
LEFT join pinterest_ads.ad_group_history_view a 
    on ( = p.ad_group_id and between a.valid_from and a.valid_to)
LEFT join pinterest_ads.campaign_history_view c 
    on ( = p.campaign_id and between c.valid_from and c.valid_to)
lEFT JOIN pinterest_ads.advertiser_history_view ad
    on ( between ad.valid_from and ad.valid_to)
where p.spend_in_micro_dollar is not null 
    and < SYSDATE::DATE

Processing Configuration:

  • Delete Recent Days: 7
    Clicks, impressions, and spend may continue to change up to one week after the ad was shown. Deleting recent days on update will ensure that the final value is captured in your spend table.
    When to use delete recent days


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