Resync a Transformation

What is a resync?

A resync deletes and re-processes all of the data created by that transformation. Any transformations that depend on the resynced transformation will also be resynced. Resyncs automatically happen every time you modify the SQL logic of a transformation*, but you can manually trigger a resync directly from the Processing Config tab for each transformation.

*Unless the resync transformation checkbox is unchecked before pushing it to production. By default, this checkbox will always be checked. (Learn More)

When should I manually resync a transformation?

Any time the underlying data has changed at the source and the historical data needs to be reprocessed.

Cancelling a Resync (Advanced)

A re-sync will happen automatically each time the transformation SQL is updated. Cancel an upcoming resync if you don't want the historical data to be reprocessed. This can be helpful when the underlying data is very large (or the query is computationally expensive) and would require too much time to fully reprocess the historical data.


How To: Manually Resync a Transformation

Learn how to manually resync a transformation by following this tutorial.

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