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Step-by-Step Tutorial

Watch this step by step tutorial to create an example activity

Note: source and source_id have been replaced by anonymous_customer_id since this was recorded. Learn more.

What's in this video?

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:40 Create a New Transformation
    • 1:40 Define the SQL Query
    • 7:37 Save, Validate, and Push to Production
  • 9:45 Monitor the Processing
  • 10:19 Modify the Activity Details


Browse Sample Transformations

Browse the Sample Transformations for example SQL scripts from a wide variety of data sources.


  • Can I use dataset while the activity stream is processing?
    Yes! The activity will be in maintenance mode while it's updating and dataset will run with the most recent data.

  • Can I update the activity details while the activity stream is processing?
    Yes! Feel free to update the feature names or descriptions or other details while waiting for the activity to update.

  • What happens if I change the table name?
    Narrator will assume you are trying to create a new activity stream and will create a second one.

  • What do the other tabs in the Transformation page do?
    Check out the Transformation Overview to learn about the different parts of the transformation configuration.

    • Use the scratchpad to log and test your data assumptions
    • Run additional automated tests
    • Create your own alerts
    • Log questions and their answers
    • Use advanced config for special processing and edge cases
  • What are the 11 required columns in an activity transformation?

  • How do I delete an activity?

  • Which activity should I build?

  • Validation failed, now what?

  • When should I use Source and Source ID?

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