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When should I use Source and Source ID?

Narrator uses source and source_id to handle identity resolution.

What is your customer identifier?

Narrator uses a single unique global customer identifier and maps any source and source_id to that unique identifier.

For this doc, let's assume your identifier is an email

More on: Choosing your Customer Identifier

Do you always have that global identifier (email) for your activity?

If you are writing a transformation to create an activity, do you always have the email available?

  • If yes, set source and source_id to NULL
  • If no, you need to set a source and source_id or this activity will not be associated a customer.

What should I set as my source and source_id?

You need to use an identifier that represents the person which is unique in that system for that user. The source is the name of the system (ie. 'segment', 'intercom') and the source_id is the unique identifier for that customer.

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