When should I use anonymous_customer_id?

Use when:

  • you don't have a customer value for your customer's activity (ex. no email address)
  • you're tracking anonymous customer behavior
  • you want identity resolution to be applied for that customer everywhere else anonymous_customer_id is used.

Narrator uses anonymous_customer_id to handle identity resolution.

What is your customer identifier?

Narrator uses a single unique global customer identifier and maps any anonymous_customer_id to that unique identifier.

For this doc, let's assume your identifier is an email

More on: Choosing your Customer Identifier

Do you always have that global identifier (email) for your activity?

If you are writing a transformation to create an activity, do you always have the email available?

  • If yes, set anonymous_customer_id to NULL
  • If no, you need to set an anonymous_customer_id or this activity will not be associated a customer.

What should I set as my anonymous_customer_id?

You need to use an identifier that represents the person which is unique for that user. The anonymous_customer_id is the unique identifier for that customer.

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