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Customer Journey

Customer Journey shows the timeline view of your customer's actions (activities) in time. Alongside each journey you can view details about the customer attributes that come from the customer table.

Search for an individual customer's journeySearch for an individual customer's journey

Search for an individual customer's journey

Useful for

  • Let support reps to see a timeline view of a customer's prior behavior
  • Debug data or tracking issues
  • Gain intuition about your customer

Exploring Customer Journey

What's in this video?

  • 0:10 Open Customer Journey
  • 0:15 All Customer View
  • 0:32 View a Specific Customer's Journey
    • 0:55 View Details of Each Activity
    • 1:33 See Revenue Generating Activities
  • 1:57 View Customer Attributes
  • 2:13 Useful Ways to Use Customer Journey
  • 3:09 Viewing Customer Journey from within a Dataset

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Customer Journey

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