Activity Details

The activity details control how the activity appears within Narrator when users are building datasets, viewing customer journeys, or building Narratives.

You can modify the details of each activity in your activity stream by clicking the activity name from the Activities tab on the top navigation. Note: The activity details do not impact the definition of an activity or the logic used to create it. This is defined in the activity transformation.

Controlling How the Activity Appears in Portal

The Activity Tab controls how the activity appears in the Portal. Use the inputs on this tab to control the following:

  • Activity Name: Activity name that appears in portal.
  • Description: Description of what the activity represents.
  • Enriched By: If the activity is enriched by an enrichment transformation, it can be specified here.
  • Column Names: Rename each activity column so it can be easily understood by others on your team.
  • Show in Dataset: Uncheck Show in Dataset to hide specific columns from users.

Activity Details Overview

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