Can I use multiple transformations to define an activity?

YES, you can!

You can create many transformations to create a single activity and Narrator will ensure that the activity behaves as a single activity.

  • Dataset users will experience no difference in using the activity
  • All computed columns will be updated accordingly
  • Deleting one transformation will not delete the activity
  • All summary statistics will be computed using the data from all the transformations

How to create an activity with multiple transformations

  1. Create a new Activity Transformation
  2. Use the same activity slug in your SQL transformation

That's it! Narrator will handle the rest.


Use the same activity slug for each transformation


Implementation Tips

  • Make sure activity_id is unique across all transformations for a single activity
  • Make sure feature_1, feature_2, feature_3 columns are consistent across all transformations for a single activity

Common Uses

  • Business logic has changed over time
  • You need to manage backfills
  • The source of truth has changed
  • etc.

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