Explore KPIs (Slice / Dice)

Any user can click into an existing KPI and quickly slice and dice that metric by an attribute. This enables quick data exploration and hypothesis testing without the need to learn SQL or build a dataset.


Segment Options for Exploring KPIs

When you start exploring KPIs, you'll need to choose a Mode which determines the kind of attribute you want to segment your KPI by.

ModeSegments the KPI by....Level
AttributeA customer attribute or attribute related to the KPI

Ex. City, Gender, Device
Activity BehaviorsAn action that the customer did

Ex. Did/Did Not Open an Email, Did/Did Not Complete Onboarding
Activity FeaturesAn attribute associated with an activity that the customer did

Ex. Landing Page of the First Web Visit, Support Rating of the Last Support Ticket
Event in TimeCompares the KPI before/after an event in time

Ex. After we announced the product launch
CustomAny custom segment

Ex. Did/Did Not open a promo email within 30 days of signing up

Re-Grouping Features

Users have the ability to re-group features to compare across two segments. This can come in handy when you want to understand if a single feature (or group of features) performs better than the others, and test for statistical significance.

Once features are grouped, Narrator will re-run the plot and run a significance test.


Saved Explores

If you want to refer back to an explore, you can save it directly from the explore view. This will add it to the "Saved Explores" Tab and anyone on your team with access to that KPI can also access the views you created.

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