Defining a Dataset

Dataset Definition

Three components can define any dataset. This can be helpful as a planning structure as you begin to build new datasets.

  • Activities
    All data is represented in the form of activities. In order to build a dataset, you first need to identify which activities have the information and customer behaviors you care about to answer your question.

  • Occurrence
    Do you want the first activity, the Nth (second, third, etc...), the last one, or all of them?

  • Temporal Joins
    Previously called "Relationships"
    Temporal Joins define how you incorporate additional activities into your dataset. They enable you to enrich your dataset with information about specific customer behaviors.


Dataset Definition

Filtering, Aggregating, and Deriving New Columns

Once the dataset structure is defined, you can modify it further by:


Start building datasets!

Browse the Dataset Tutorials for step-by-step examples.

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