Where does Narrator fit in the Data Stack?


The Modern Data Stack

Narrator fits side-by-side with your current data stack to give your team access to ad-hoc questions, data analyses, and the ability to productionize their data.


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Speed is the most important factor in decision making

The faster you can get the data you need, the faster you can make decisions, and the faster you can grow your business.

Most tools focus on dashboards and reporting but Narrator focuses on ensuring any question you have can be answered instantly. We really mean ANY question!

Narrator's goal is to let you answer any data question in minutes not weeks, freeing you to ask more questions!


Everyone has access to quality data

Your team needs to be able to know the data they have available and ask questions using that data. Your team is not able to self-serve because they're hindered by complex data catalogues, thousands of dashboards, and complex data models. The consequence is a very long data-team backlog.

Narrator's data model is simple, transparent, and intuitive. Meaning anyone can ask questions using the building blocks that the data team has already validated and made available in Narrator.

We continue to see more engineers, technical PMs and Marketing teams going to Narrator to answer their questions!


Use dashboards for reporting, not decision making

Dashboards are powerful tools for tracking and monitoring change. However, most companies have a huge number of single purpose dashboards. Dashboards used to allow some teams to export the data, dashboards used to house a data analysis and dashboards used to answer an adhoc question.

Narrator's Narratives are live analysis making single purpose dashboards obsolete.
You can export the data you need, create an analysis with all the context built in and log your thought process and answers in minutes.

Narrator + dbt

Narrator and dbt (data build tool) are a perfect match!

Our customers love the ability to answer ad hoc questions in Narrator and they also love the power of building dimensional models in dbt.

When paired, you will won't need to build single-use dbt models for your ad hoc questions. Your dbt instance can be reserved for the production pipeline that powers your dashboards and Narrator becomes the tool for ad-hoc questions.



Narrator brings all of your data together across the different sources that you use. So you can ask any question, without worrying how to link the data across systems.

  • How many people ordered from the website?
  • How long does it take a new order to get packaged in the warehouse?
  • What is the conversion rate from opening an email topurchasing?

Let's look at how easy it is...

Seeing is believing

Schedule a demo and we can show you how we are able to answer any question regardless of how you've set up your tracking and data stack.

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Technical Innovation

We reinvented the way data is joined. Questions that bridge data sources are extremely complicated because often times there are no clear foreign keys. Narrator's unique approach of relating data through customer and time, allows you to create tables without using a foreign key.

Learn more about relationships: https://docs.narrator.ai/docs/relationships