When should I use "Run After"?

When to use "Run After"?

Transformations are intended to run independent of other transformations, meaning that they are updated in an arbitrary order relative to one another.
Sometimes you'll want to have a transformation run in a specific order and this is when you can use Run After.


Specify the "Run After" transformations from the Processing Config tab on a transformation

Common Uses

A transformation uses data from the Activity Stream itself.
In this case you'll want to make sure that the initial transformation (the one that is created using source data, not from the Activity Stream) is Run After the transformation that uses the data it generates.

Yes, we realize this is counterintuitive, but here's why...
This is because you want to ensure that identity resolution is applied before the dependent transformation is run. Identity resolution is applied after transformations are processed, so specifying the first transformation to run after the dependent transformation will ensure that the dependent transformation always uses the data with identity resolution applied.

Ask yourself...

Is your transformation dependent on dependent on identity resolution or activity occurrence?

If yes, have the initial transformation run after the transformation that uses data from the Activity Stream.

Example: Viewed Page and Started Session

Started Session (SQL) is derived from the Activity Stream using the Viewed Page (SQL) activity. Both activities require identity resolution. So we need to ensure that the Viewed Page processing happens after Started Session.

On the Viewed Page transformation...
Run After: Started Session

Processing that will occur:

  1. Activity Stream update #1 starts
  2. Started Session will run (using data from the last Activity Stream update)
  3. Viewed Page will run
  4. Identity resolution is applied
  5. Activity Stream update #2 starts
  6. Started Session will run (using data from Activity Stream update #1, with ID resolution applied)
  7. Viewed Page will run
  8. Identity resolution is applied
  9. Repeat

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