Using Additional Validations

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Additional Validations can be applied to your transformation from the Validation Log tab of your transformation. See below for details on each validation.

Test Name


Check for Missing Columns*

Each kind of transformation has a set of columns that are required. This will validate that the columns are available.

Check for ID Duplication*

  • For Activity: Validate that activity_id and activity are unique
  • For Enrichment: Validate that enriched_activity_id is unique

Check for NULL Values in Required Columns*

  • For Activity: Validate that activity_id, activity, ts and at least one customer column (anonymous_customer_id or customer) are available
  • For Enrichment: Validate that enriched_activity_id and enriched_ts are available
  • For Customer: Validate that customer is available

Check for LIMIT Clauses*

Ensures the query doesn't have a LIMIT

Check for Duplicate Timestamps

Searches for timestamps that are duplicated for the same customer (often caused by double firing). You can dedupe the query to avoid unnecessary activities in your Activity Stream

Generate Relationship to Other Activities

(informational) How does the transformation relate to other activities in the Activity Stream?

Infer Column Names

(informational) Parses the query to auto-generate default column names

Find Sources Used

(informational) Generate the source values used for identity resolution

Find Activities Generated

(informational) Find the activities created by the transformation

*indicates a test that is required to push to production

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