How can I stop all data processing?

How to stop data processing?

Watch the video to learn how to stop processing and understand what that means for your data.

What data processing will this impact?

Any processing that is controlled by Narrator. This includes:

  • Activity Stream, Enrichment Table, and Customer Table updates
  • Any materialized views or other integrations managed by Narrator
  • Any published Narratives will no longer be refreshed on a regular cadence

Will I lose data during that time period?

No. Once you start processing again, the Activity Stream will begin updating the activities from the time that it was paused. Eventually your Activity Stream will be up to date and no data will be lost. Additionally any incremental materialized views will start processing from the last timestamp in the table, meaning that all updates during the paused period will be run once processing resumes.

The only exception is Narratives. Any Narratives snapshots during the paused period cannot be recovered because they were never created. The Narrative will continue running again and creating snapshots when processing resumes.

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