Multi-step Funnel Conversion

Narrator supports multi-step funnel conversion rates in dataset.

Funnel analyses are crucial to understanding how your users are progressing through your product or sales funnel. Often times, we want to measure a specific sequence of events where the conversion rate between each is conditioned on the fact that they completed all the prior events.


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How to measure multi-step conversion rates

  1. Choose the activities you want to analyze
  2. Choose the FIRST IN BETWEEN relationship for conversion rates. For more information on the FIRST IN BETWEEN RELATIONSHIP, go here.
  3. Add an additional column on any activities where you want to measure a conversion rate, conditioned on the fact that it happens after the prior activity (multi-step conversion rate)

Build your dataset.


Automatically compute funnel conversion rates.


Like always, you can easily create funnel metrics to quickly understand the drop off between each step.

Enjoy! 🎉

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