More control over your default processing

Now Narrator users have more control over their default processing settings.

Previously any modifications to the nightly reconciliation processing settings needed to be specified on an individual transformation, making it difficult to apply any global processing settings to the account. Now, users can specify global settings in the Company Settings to control the nightly reconciliation cadence and timeframe.

Useful when:

  • Your company has a large activity stream and don't need to process nightly reconcilation as much as the standard defaults
  • You transformation processing schedule is set to run daily, it doesn't make sense to run nightly reconciliation each time. You can change the cadence to every 5-7 days instead.

How it works

  1. Users can set the default window and cadence within the company settings
  2. Every transformation will use these default settings unless they've been overridden in the tranformation advanced configuration tab.

Overriding the Default Settings on a Transformation

Use the Advanced Configuration tab of the transformation to override the default settings for the nightly reconciliation window.


  • Do I need to migrate my transformations that had nightly reconciliation settings specified previously? No, they've already been migrated for you.
  • What is nightly reconciliation? You can read more about that in our docs here.

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