Link your BI dashboards to their dataset integrations

Help your team understand the dependencies for each Narrator dataset by linking any downstream reporting dashboards.

Useful For

  • Linking to the dashboards that are powered by Narrator-generated integrations (like materialized views and views in the data warehouse)
  • Following best practices for dependency management

How it works

  1. Input the link to the BI tool when setting up the dataset integration
    When you generate a new integration using Narrator, you'll have the opportunity to include the link to the downstream BI tool.

  2. BI Tool Icon will appear on the dataset index page
    This makes it easier for your team to visually identify the datasets with dependencies for reporting.

  3. Hover over the icon to access the direct link to that dashboard
    This gives the user easy access to explore the dependent report.


  • Which BI tools are supported?
    All BI tools are supported, but the unique dashboard icons will appear for these tools:
    • Tableau
    • Metabase
    • Looker
    • PowerBI
    • Google Datastudio
    • Domo
    • Other (Generic Icon is Shown)
  • What if my BI tool's icon isn't included, can I have it added?
    Yes, please shoot an email to [email protected] and we'll add it for you!

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