Better Visibility for Transformation Processing History

You'll now be able to see all of the details and history about a transformation's processing, including last resync, last reconciliation, and last ID resolution. This is one of many recent improvements to processing visibility, so you'll be able to know exactly what happened with your data and when.

Details Added to the Transformation Updates Tab

1. Last Reconciliation At
Time of the last nightly reconciliation for incremental processing (default for activity transformations). Read more about the reconciliation process in the Data Processing docs.

2. Last Resynced At
This will reflect the last time a transformation was resynced, either manually or automatically as part of a push to production or dependency. Read more about the resyncs in the Data Processing docs.

3. Last Identity Resolved At
Time that identity resolution was applied to the data generated from this transformation. Typically this will align with each processing update, but if there's an error in the script that prevents the ID resolution from happening, you'll see it reflected here. Read more about Identity Resolution in the docs.

4. Data Visualization of All Updates
A visual plot to see the total rows added in each update, when a resync or reconciliation happened, and when maintenance started and completed. Use the time filter to look at updates during a specific time frame.


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