More control over default time filters for large datasets

By default, Narrator applies a time filter on large datasets to improve runtimes and reduce warehouse costs. Now, you can manage the default time filter for large datasets in the company settings, giving you more control over how your data is queried.


Control the default time filter for large datasets

How to Change the Default Time Filter

  1. Go to company settings, by hovering over your avatar on the lower left of the side menu and selecting Company Settings

Select Company Settings in the Menu

  1. Select Auto Filter Large Datasets
  • Specify when the filter should be applied (ex. > 10 million rows)
  • Specify the size of the filter window that will be applied (ex. last 70 days of data)

FAQ: Why is a time filter applied on large datasets?

Learn more about this setting and other runtime optimizations here.

These optimizations will improve query time and reduce warehouse costs.

FAQ: Can users override the default filter?

Yes, like any dataset, users can modify the timestamp filter by editing or removing the timestamp filter in the Parent tab. Once modified, any future runs of the dataset will apply the user's new filter specifications.

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