Add enrichment to any feature column

Users can build enrichment tables to join to an activity's feature column, instead of just the activity_id column.

Useful when...
You have multiple activities that share common features.


  • Email Activities
    Opened Email, Clicked Email, and Unsubscribed might all include campaign and subject features. These feature can be stored on an email enrichment table, based on email_id.

  • Product Activities
    Viewed Product and Purchased Product both include details about the product like sku, color, fabric, etc. These feature can be stored on a product enrichment table, based on product_id.

How it works

1. Create an enrichment table

Create an enrichment table via enrichment transformation (ex. enriched_oppty)

SELECT AS enriched_activity_id,
    o.created_date AS enriched_ts,
FROM salesforce.opportunity o

2. Add the ID as a feature on your Activity

Update a feature of the activity you wish to enrich to be the enriched_activity_id of that enrichment table (ex. opportunity_id as feature_1)

SELECT as activity_id,

    h.created_date as ts, as anonymous_customer_id,

    o.company_slug_c as customer,

    'became_qualified_lead'as activity,

    h.opportunity_id as feature_1, 
    NULL as feature_2,
    NULL as feature_3,

    NULL as revenue_impact,
    NULL as link 

FROM salesforce.opportunity_history h
JOIN salesforce.opportunity o
	on h.opportunity_id =
	on o.contact_id =
where h.stage_name in ('Qualified')

3. Link the Enrichment Table via that ID

Specify the enrichment table using the Enriched By dropdown on the activity detail page. Select the table and feature you with to join on.


4. Use the enrichment columns in dataset like normal

Use the enrichment features as you normally would within dataset. Notice how the SQL join changes for enriched features.


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