Training Session

Go from question to insight by building an analysis in under 10 minutes.

Starting with YOUR data question, we will...

  1. Build a dataset
  2. Generate an analysis
  3. Get an answer ✨

Let's get started!

Open up the Google sheet

During the pre-work, you should have added your question to the Google sheet that was sent to your email.

We're going to build a dataset using the question you chose.

Open it up for quick reference to your question and helpful links during the session.

Build a dataset

To answer your data question, we'll build a dataset!

1. Define the Dataset

Assemble the activities together to define a dataset

The first step is to figure out how the activities will be assembled to answer your question.

For example: How does Ad Source impact the likelihood to order? is "Started Session" - First In Between - "Completed Order"

Further Understanding

2. Add Aggregations (Group By)

You will take the dataset that you created and slice the data by a feature (we will use time). We'll use a column shortcut to do this.

Further Understanding

3. Plot the data

Now that you have the data aggregated, you can plot the data by clicking on the Plot icon

Further Understanding

Great! You created your first dataset, aggregated the data, and plotted it!

The entire process should've looked like this...

Generate an Analysis

Almost there! The next step is to generate an analysis to answer your data question.

1. Click the Analyze Button!

Now it is time for the magic!

Click the Analyze button!

Now select your inputs and run the analysis.

Further Understanding

Now let's go through the analysis together!

You've generated a custom analysis based on your data. We'll go through the analysis methodology together so you can understand the takeaways and get answers to your data questions!

That's it!

In under 1hr you have created your first dataset, visualized the data, and generated a full analysis to answer your specific dataset question. Way to go! ✨

Have questions?

We're here to help! Here are a couple ways to get in touch...

💬 Chat us from within Narrator

💌 Email us at [email protected]

🗓 Or schedule a 15 minute meeting with our data team

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