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Core Trainings

The Narrator Core curriculum focuses on the basics of using the Narrator data platform. The two core tracks are tailored to each Narrator user type: Creators and Users.
Choose the curriculum that is best aligned with how you'll be using Narrator.

Creator Core Curriculum

For technical users who know SQL and plan to build and maintain the Customer 360 data model

  1. Designing Your Customer 360 Plan together with Narrator's Data Team
  2. Adding Activities to Narrator Get Started


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User Core Curriculum

For everyone at your company using data to make decisions

  1. Understanding Customer Behavior + Datasets Get Started
  2. Calculating Key Metrics Get Started
  3. Real-time hypothesis exploration Get Started


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Supplemental Trainings

  • Evaluating marketing performance
  • Customer segmentation
  • Exploring conversion funnels
  • Sharing insights with stakeholders via Narratives
  • Syncing data to a BI platform (setting up reporting pipelines) - For Creators
  • Debugging data issues - For Creators
  • Improving Identity Resolution - For Creators


Which curriculum is right for me?

Narrator's self-service analytics data platform has two primary capabilities:

  1. Build and manage the Customer 360 data model
  2. Self-service analytics tools to build datasets and test hypotheses without SQL

The Narrator training curriculum is tailored to the way each user uses the platform.

  • Creators: Users responsible for building and maintaining the customer 360
  • Users: Users leveraging the self-service analytics capabilities to build datasets and analyses

User Track

Best For

Sample Roles


Users managing SQL transformations, processing, and integrations. (Part 1, above)

Data Engineer, Analytics Engineer, Data Analyst

Basic SQL Knowledge Required


Anyone self-serving insights or building datasets (Part 2, above)

Analytics Users, Business Users, Data Scientists

What’s Next

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