Exploring Customer Behavior and Datasets

Gain intuition about customer behavior across your company using customer journey. Learn how to read and understand a dataset that has been created by your team.


  • Access insights and explore customer journeys in Narrator
  • Never question the logic/definition of any KPI or metric
  • Learn how to drill down into any report to get specific answers to your data questions

Part 1: Exploring Customer Behavior

How to view the 360 for a customer? [tutorial]

  • Searching for a Specific Customer
  • Understanding Occurrence
  • Understanding Activity Attributes
  • Searching for Specific Activities

How to view all the activities available to you? [tutorial]

  • Activity Index
  • View SQL definition

๐Ÿ“ Practice: What does a customer do before they XX{Insert activity here}?

Now that you know how to view all of the activities available to you in Narrator, letโ€™s see if we can start to understand what your customers are doing.

  • Using one of the activities, how would you find an example customer who has done that activity?
  • Now find out what they did immediately before/after that activity?

Part 2: Getting Insights from Datasets + Narratives

  • What are Narratives?
  • What are Datasets?

Understanding a Narrative [more info]

  • Recommendations + Key Takeaways
  • Scheduling and Snapshots
  • Understanding Narrator Plots (Bar/Line)
  • How to view a plot definition (via dataset)

Exploring datasets

  • Running a dataset
  • Viewing Saved Plots [more info]
  • How Parent Tabs and Group By Tabs are connected [more info]
  • Viewing the Dataset Definition [more info]
  • Cohort Activity: Understanding the level of detail of the dataset
  • Right Click to View Customer Journey

Modifying Datasets

  • How to Duplicate a Dataset
  • Adding Filters (shortcut to right click)
  • Filtering from the parent tab
  • Filtering on the group by tab
  • Re-running each tab to refresh the data.
  • Adding customer attributes [more info]
  • How to add a plot [more info]
  • Saving your dataset (local/shared) [more info]

๐Ÿ“ Practice: Start from a dataset, filter, and add a plot

Letโ€™s practice making modifications to datasets and diving deeper to understand specific customer segments.

Start with a narrative and go to a plot, and open up the dataset used in that plot (or start from a shared dataset).

  • How would you view the plot from within the dataset?
  • How would you find out which activities are used in the dataset?
  • Now create a copy of that dataset for you to modify.
  • Now filter all the data in ALL of the group by tabs for only the last 3 months of data. How would you do that?
  • Did you use the filter on the parent tab?
  • Now, view your plot once the filter has been applied. How did it change?
  • Now filter for a specific customer attribute (hint: you might need to add the customer attribute to your dataset before filtering).
  • Can you visualize your data by plotting from within a group by tab?
  • Save your dataset.

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